The Menu

Tandoor is traditional, innovative Indian / Nepalese / Pakistani cuisine balanced by an array of exotic spices.

  • Starters - Appetizers

  • Papadam

    • Papadam$2.99

    Thin Crispy wafer cooked in Tandoor Oven served with mint and tamarind sauce

  • Aloo Tikki

    • Aloo Tikki$4.99

    Two spicy potato patties served with garbanzo Beans served with mint and tamarind sauce.

  • Samosa(2pcs)

    • Samosa$4.99

    Two golden fried dumplings stuffed with spicy potatoes and peas served with mint and tamarind sauce.

  • Paneer Pakora(8pcs)

    • Paneer Pakoras$7.99

    Indian cheese dipped in a batter and fry makes a crispy, mouthwatering appetizer

  • Veggie Pakora(8pcs)

    • Veggie Pakora$4.99

    Array of fresh garden veggies fried in a Seasoned Chickpea-Flour Batter, served with mint and tamarind sauce.

  • Machlee Pakora(8pcs)

    • Machlee Pakora$7.99

    Strips of boneless fish fillet fried in spicy gram flour batter

  • Chicken Pakora(10pcs)

    • Chicken Pakora$6.99

    Crispy fried chicken fritters, coated with spiced gram flour batter.

  • Choley Baturey

    • Choley Bature$8.99

    Puffy Indian bread served with garbanzo beans

  • Tandoori (chicken) Salad

    • Tandoori Chicken Salad$7.99

    Tandoori Chicken  served with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, onions and house dressing.

  • Tandoori (prawns) Salad

    • Tandoori Prawns Salad$9.99


    Prawns served with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, onions and house dressing.

  • Taaza (Green) Salad

    • Taaza Green Salad$5.99

    Greens and veggies tossed in house vinaigrette sprinkled with papadam

  • Daal Soup

    • Daal Soup$6.99


    Daal soup delicately spiced with masala,garlic, and ginger

  • Samosa Chaat(2pcs samosa)

    • Samosa Chaat$6.99

    Golden fried dumpling finished with chickpeas,topped with a combination of yogurt,mint and tamarind chutney.

  • Tandoori Pleasure

  • Piazi Seekh Kabob

    • Piazi Seekh Kabob$6.99

    Ground lamb marinated in blend of spices and cooked in clay oven

  • Chicken Seekh Kabob

    • Chicken Seekh Kabob$5.99

    Ground chicken marinated in blend of spices cooked in clay oven.

  • Tandoori Chicken Leg

    • Tandoori Chicken Leg$4.99

    All natural chicken marinated in yogurt,ginger,garlic, ground spices,slow roasted in traditional charcoal oven.

  • Tandoori Chicken Breast

    • Tandoori Chicken Breast$6.99

    whole chicken breast with bones marinated in yogurt,,ground spices,slow roasted in traditional charcoal oven.

  • Chicken Tikka Kabob

    • Chicken Tikka Kabob$10.99

    All natural boneless chicken breast marinated in special spice mix slow grilled in clay oven.

  • Tandoori Machlee

    • Tandoori Machlee$13.99


    Boneless fish fillet coated with spicy yogurt marinade and grilled in clay oven.

  • Tandoori Raja Prawns

    • Tandoori Raja Prawns$13.99

    Tiger prawns marinated and slow roasted in traditional charcoal oven

  • Boti Kabob

    • Boti Kabob$15.99

    New Zealand lamb in special house rub of spices grilled on live charcoal.

  • Tandoori Mixed Grill

    • Tandoori Mixed Grill$17.99

    Full spread of Chicken Tikka, Seekh Kabab, Boti Kabab, and Raja Prawns.

  • Lamb Joy

  • Gosht Curry

    • Gosh Curry$9.99


    The hot lamb curry- perfectly spiced for that fiery zing.

  • Lamb Tikka Masala

    • Lamb Tikka Masala$10.99

    Mild, very tender boneless lamb cubes cooked in rich and aromatic spices.

  • Saag Gohst

    • Saag Gohst$10.99


    Boneless lamb cooked in mild spices with freshly pureed spinach.

  • Lamb Vindaloo

    • Lamb Vindaloo$10.99

    Boneless lamb cooked with potatoes in a hot sauce.

  • Lamb Korma

    • Lamb Korma$10.99

    Tender boneless lamb in Luckhwani style rich mild creamy nutty curry.

  • Gosht Madras

    • Gosht Madras$10.99

    Boneless lamb cubes simmered with a spicy coconut milk sauce.

  • Karahi Gosht

    • Karahi Gosht$10.99

    Home-style lamb curry of special spices, tomatoes, bell peppers and onion.

  • Achari Gosht

    • Achari Gosht$10.99

    Marinated lamb, roasted in tandoor an prepped in spicy Indian pickled curry.

  • Lamb Nihari

    • Lamb Nihari$10.99

    Homestyle tender boneless lamb in traditional spicy curry

  • Goat Curry

    • Goat Curry$11.99

    Home-style goat with bone curry of special indian spices. (Check for aviablity)

  • Biryani House

  • Chicken Zafrani Biryani

    • Chicken Zafrani Biryani$10.99

    Tender chicken chunks and finest basmati rice flavored with saffron.

  • Bombay Gosht Biryani

    • Bombay Gosht Biryani$11.99

    Long grain basmati rice with tender boneless lamb and authentic spices.

  • Jhinga Biryani

    • Jhinga Biryani$12.99

    Finest basmati cooked with Jumbo Tiger prawns flavored with saffron.

  • Veggie “Sabzi” Biryani

    • Veggie “Sabzi” Biryani$9.99

    A unique combination of garden fresh vegetables and aromatic basmati rice.

  • Chicken Fan Club

  • Chicken Curry

    • Chicken Curry$8.99

    Chicken cooked in perfect house blend of spices and curry sauce.

  • Chicken Tikka Masala

    • Chicken Tikka Masala$9.99

    India’s most popular exports needs no introduction. Spiced chicken tikkas simmered in fenugreek rich creamy tomato gravy.

  • Chicken Makhani

    • Chicken Makhani$10.99

    Aka “BUTTER CHICKEN” Tandoori chicken deboned and cooked in classic tomato gravy with butter and cream.

  • Karahi Chicken

    • Karahi Chicken$9.99

    Chicken tossed with spicy chilies, green pepper and home-style hot spices.

  • Chicken Korma

    • Chicken Korma$9.99

    Chicken cooked in special nutty curry and blend of spice

  • Chicken Vindaloo

    • Chicken Vindaloo$9.99

    Chicken cooked with potatoes in a London pub hot curry sauce.

  • Chicken Choley

    • Chicken Choley$9.99

    Chicken cooked with chickpeas.

  • Bhindi Chicken

    • Bhindi Chicken$9.99

    Chicken mixed in a chicken curry.

  • Chicken Daal

    • Chicken Daal$9.99

    Chicken cooked with lentils in a mild curry sauce.

  • Chicken Saagwala

    • Chicken Saagwala$10.99

    Chicken sauteed with garlic and simmered in pureed spinach and cream

  • Achari Chicken

    • Achari Chicken$9.99

    Chicken simmered with a touch of achar an Indian spiced pickle.

  • Chicken Coconut Curry

    • Chicken Coconut Curry$10.99

    Chicken sauteed with in a spicy coconut milk sauce.

  • Veggie House

  • Chana “Cholle” Masala

    • Chana “Cholle” Masala$7.99

    Garbanzo in secret spice mix. Great addition to any dish.

  • Tadka Daal

    • Tadka Daal $7.99

    Yellow chickpea cooked with sauteed onions, tomatoes & touch of fresh coriander.

  • Matter Paneer

    • Matter Paneer$8.99

    Green peas and homemade cheese spiced in a thin curry

  • Palak Paneer

    • Palak Paneer$8.99

    Homemade cheese cubes in spinach, flavored with cloves and fenugreek.

  • Paneer Tikka Masala

    • Paneer Tikka Masala$8.99

    Cubes of our homemade fresh cheese simmered and softened in our famous fenugreek flavored tomato, cream and butter gravy. A must for vegetarians.

  • Palak Aloo

    • Palak Aloo $8.99

    Fresh spinach and potatoes in a mild spiced blend.

  • Baingan Bharta

    • Baingan Bharta $9.99

    Baked eggplant cooked with tomatoes and onions and fresh green chilies.

  • Bhindi Masala

    • Bhindi Masala $9.99

    Okra cooked with tomatoes, onion, and special house blend of spices.

  • Daal Saag

    • Daal Saag$8.99

    Tadka daal and spinach cooked together in a mix of spice.

  • Malai Kofta

    • Malai Kofta$8.99

    A gourmet’s delight of koftas made of mixed veggies and cooked in nutty rich tomato gravy.

  • Chana Saag

    • Chana Saag$8.99

    Fresh spinach and garbanzo in a mild array of home-style spices.

  • Aloo Gobi

    • Aloo Gobi$8.99

    Cauliflower florets and potatoes stir fried with spice rich masala

  • Aloo Matter

    • Aloo Matter$8.99

    Red potatoes and garden green peas cooked in a traditional curry sauce.

  • Navaratan Korma

    • Navaratan Korma$8.99

    A colorful mixture of veggies and pepper, tossed with cumin seeds and coriander in exquisitely spiced gravy.

  • Karahi Paneer

    • Karahi Paneer$9.99

    Cubes of indian cottage cheese mixed with tomatoes bell peppers and onions.

  • Ocean Hunt

  • King Prawn Curry Masala

    • King Prawn Curry Masala$13.99

    Tiger Prawns cooked in Punjabi spicy curry

  • Prawn Tikka Masala

    • Prawn Tikka Masala$14.99

    King prawns grilled and sauteed in our famous tomato and cream sauce flavoured with fenugreek leaves.

  • Jhinga Vindaloo

    • Jhinga Vindaloo $13.99

    Tiger Prawns with potatoes in a London pub hot curry sauce.

  • Karahi Prawn

    • Karahi Prawn$13.99

    Stir fried Prawns cooked with special spices, tomatoes,peppers  & onions.

  • Prawn Saagwala

    • Prawn Saagwala $14.99

    Tiger Prawns cooked with fresh spinach mildly spiced.

  • Machlee Curry Masala

    • Machlee Curry Masala $13.99

    Boneless fillet cooked in rich onion gravy sauteed with mustard seeds

  • Machlee Tikka Masala

    • Machlee Tikka Masala$14.99

    Boneless fillet sauteed in our famous tomato and cream sauce, flavoured with fenugreek leaves.

  • Machlee Vindaloo

    • Machlee Vindaloo $13.99

    Boneless fillet with potatoes in a London pub hot curry sauce.

  • Tandoori Breads, Rice & Raita

  • Tandoori Roti

    • Tandoori Roti$1.99

    Whole Wheat bread baked in clay oven.

  • Baturey

    • Baturey$2.99

    Bread deep fried in oil.

  • Tandoori Naan

    • Tandoori Naan $1.99

    Naan bread baked in clay oven.

  • Garlic Naan

    • Garlic Naan$2.99

    Naan topped with garlic and cilantro.

  • Onion Naan

    • Onion Naan $2.99

    Naan stuffed with chopped onions.

  • Sesame Naan

    • Sesame Naan$2.99

    Naan topped with sesame seeds

  • Aloo Naan

    • Aloo Naan$2.99

    Naan stuffed with potatoes.

  • Keema Naan

    • Keema Naan$2.99

    Naan stuffed with spicy ground lamb

  • Paneer Naan

    • Paneer Naan $2.99

    Naan  stuffed with cheese

  • Kabuli Naan

    • Kabuli Naan$3.99

    Naan stuffed with raisin, almond, coconut and sesame seeds

  • Chili Cheese Naan

    • Chili Cheese Naan $3.99

    Naan stuffed with cheese and spicy chilies

  • Basmati Pulao

    • Basmati Pulao $1.99

    Long grain basmati rice seasoned with cinnamon and spices.

  • Basmati Brown Rice

    • Basmati Brown Rice$2.99

    Natural whole grain brown rice (subject to availability)

  • Raita(8 oz)

    • Raita(8 oz) $2.99

    Cucumber yogurt dip, kryptonite to any spice.

  • Mango Chutney

    • Mango Chutney$2.99

    Imported Mango Chutney

  • One Last Item

  • Gulab Jamun(3pcs)

    • Gulab Jamun(3pcs)$4.99

    Indian sweet hush puppies sauteed in syrup. Served Hot or Cold

  • Kheer

    • Kheer $3.99

    Rice pudding topped with coconut.

  • Fruit custard

    • Fruit custard$3.99

    Sweetened mixture of milk, fruit cocktail, vanilla pudding.

  • Thirsty

  • Soft Drinks

    • Soft Drinks $1.99

    12 oz fountain drink (Coke / Diet Coke / Sprite)

  • Masala Chai

    • Masala Chai $1.99

    Tea served with indian tea powder

  • Mango Lassi

    • Mango Lassi $2.99

    Delicious mango yogurt drink

  • Sweet Lassi

    • Sweet Lassi$2.99

    Delicious sweet yogurt drink

  • Salty Lassi

    • Salty Lassi $2.99

    Salty yogurt drink perfect for the summer

  • Strawberry Lassi

    • Strawberry Lassi$2.99

    Strawberry infused yogurt drink

  • Raspberry Lassi

    • Raspberry Lassi $2.99

    Yogurt drink enhanced with a raspberry twist.

  • Banana Lassi

    • Banana Lassi$2.99

    A blended yogurt drink flavoured with banana and sugar.

  • Indo Chinese Nepalese

  • Aloo Manchurian

    • Aloo Manchurian$7.99

    Fried potato tossed with manchurian sauce.

  • Gobi Manchurian

    • Gobi Manchurian$8.99

    Crispy fried cauliflower tossed with manchurian sauce.

  • Chilli Paneer

    • Chilli Paneer $9.99

    Indian cottage cheese fried to perfection tossed with bell peppers, onions, chilies, and spicy sauce.

  • Chilli Chicken

    • Chilli Chicken$9.99

    Corn Flour coated chicken strips sauteed tomatoes onions, bell peppers and chilli

  • Veg Chow mein

    • Veg Chow mein$7.99

    Sauteed sliced cabbage, carrots, spring onions, and vegetable with boiled noodles.

  • Chicken Chow mein

    • Chicken Chow mein $8.99

    Fried Chicken with sauteed sliced cabbage, carrots, spring onions,vegetable mixed with boiled noodles.

  • Apollo Fish (8 pcs)

    • Apollo Fish (8 pcs) $10.99

    Boneless fish cubes tempered with yogurt based hot red sauce, curry leaves and green chilie

  • Chicken 65(Dry/Sauce)

    • Chicken 65(Dry/Sauce)$8.99

    Marinated boneless chicken chunks deep fried

  • Momo & Choila

  • Veg Momo (8pcs)

    • Veg Momo (8pcs)$8.99

    Steamed dumplings filled with minced cabbage, spinach, mushroom, cashew, soy sauce, cilantro, herbs and spices. Served with tomato chutney.

  • Chicken Momo

    • Chicken Momo$9.99

    Steamed dumplings filled with ground chicken, chopped onion, garlic, ginger, cilantro, soy sauce, olive oil, herbs and spices, served with tomato chutney.

  • Chicken Chhoila

    • Chicken Chhoila$9.99

    Overnight marinated Diced chicken Cooked in tandoor mixed with ginger, onion, schezwan, fried fenugreek, nepali herbs and spices

  • Lamb Chhoila

    • Lamb Chhoila $11.99

    Overnight marinated Diced Lamb Cooked in tandoor mixed with ginger, onion, schezwan, fried fenugreek, nepali herbs and spices.